Nurses Adaptation Program in Europe.
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This program is primarily designed to adapt a foreign educated nurse to practice in Czech nursing system. The major portion of the program would be dedicated in learning Intensive Czech Language and Medical terminology in Czech Language. Course module also consists of legal framework of Czech health care system and Practical training in Partner Hospitals, which would be an integral part of the program.
Since this is a practical oriented course, Czech College would help students in Nostrification (equivalency to Czech qualification) of their existing foreign nursing qualification and prepare them for Approbation test also known as licensure exam. Approbation test consists of four stages in which the first two stages can be done in English or Czech language. Third stage is a 40 days Practical Nursing test conducted in supervision of a Partner Hospital, which would analyze the efficiency of the Nurse to deal with a real Czech speaking patient. After clearing fourth stage of the test the candidate becomes licensed and capable of practicing in Czech Health Care system.
Requirements: Bachelor Degree in Nursing, Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Fitness Certificate.
Duration: 1 Year
Tuition Fees: EUR 5950
Course Content
This program is designed to prepare foreign BSc. nurses for approbation exam that consists of 4 components. In addition to that, the program will introduce to its students Czech medical environment which will allow the future nurses to gain a perfect understanding of the working habits and standards practiced in the Czech Republic.
1st component – professional knowledge:
Students will be prepared for an exam that will test their professional knowledge. The exam can be executed in Czech, English, French, German or Russian language. As BSc. Nurses, the students should already have the required knowledge to pass the exam. However, they will review their professional knowledge as a part of the program as well as medical terminology review
2nd component – healthcare system and legal framework:
Students will be prepared for an exam that will test their knowledge of healthcare system and basic legal framework related to providing healthcare in the Czech Republic. The exam can be executed in Czech, English, French, German or Russian language. Students will focus on subjects such as Czech healthcare legal framework and Healthcare system
3rd component – internship:
Students will join a 40-day internship in a hospital with a professional supervision. Students will have review of subjects such as SomatologyNursing and Psychology prior starting the internship.
4th component – verbal exam:
Students will use all their previous training for this final verbal exam. In addition to professional knowledge, the students will be required to show their Czech communication skills. Throughout the whole Nurses Adaptation Course, the students will have Intensive Czech language lessonsincluding Czech grammarCzech writing and Czech reading.
Part of the campus is also an accommodation facility that is located only steps away from the school. The accommodation facility was built in 1985 with a capacity of 130 beds. Each unit offers two double rooms, hallway, toilet and bathroom. Plus, each floor offers a kitchen area, study room and a common area with TV and other entertainment. In addition to that, the accommodation facility also offers study rooms with medical equipment, music room, computer room, bookstore, biology lab, two gyms, table tennis and a playroom with darts, foosball, etc.
Part of the accommodation facility is a canteen that serves three meals a day. The food is delivered from a high capacity kitchen located in a nearby hospital to assure the highest standards for the students. Of course the whole facility also offers high-speed wireless internet.
Call us on 08171410444/08080981490

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